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Black Philanthropy Month 2013: An August of Dreams and Mountaintops

Ideal timing as reflected by current events.

Giving Back Project

Did you know that August is Black Philanthropy Month? 

You can help build greater public awareness and sharpen the impact of Black philanthropy. We are excited to introduce and invite your participation in a new multimedia, civic engagement campaign during Black Philanthropy Month 2013 (BPM 2013). Your support is needed to mount an unprecedented campaign to inform, inspire and invest in Black philanthropic leadership—online and offline as well as locally and globally.

August as Black Philanthropy Month was first declared and celebrated two years ago. This year holds special significance since August 2013 also marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and 1963 March on Washington. Commemoration of this watershed event gives cause for reflection and action and gave rise to the focal concept for BPM 2013: Of Dreams and Mountaintops.

Follow BlackPhilanthropyMonth.com for more information over the weeks to come.

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Justice HAS been done….


Whoa, wait a minute there, black man, surely you can’t be talking about #Trayvon, can you? How can you call an unarmed minor getting gunned down and the perp going free “justice”?


Yes, #Trayvon. My heart goes out in anguish. I get it. I live it in the most existential way. 

Then I remember what my best lawyer friend told me: “the court system has nothing to do with justice.”

Zimmerman had top criminal defense minds working for him–he didn’t hire them to seek a blind, impartial ideal called Justice–he hired them to find a legal way to get him off. And they did. When I take the generations of abuses against black people off the table for just a second, I realize something: If Zimmerman was my son or my brother, I’d admittedly be dancing in the streets tonight. Not for Justice, but just because my loved one was…

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